A new life for LogHound Plugins

Today we have great news, YourHead will be taking over the entire suite of LogHound plugins.

Over the years LogHound plugins have become essential to the workflow of many RapidWeaver users. We're super proud to give them a new home at YourHead and continue to support all those customers. We're so grateful that LogHound decided to hand the baton to us. It's a real honor.

Bringing them into the fold at YourHead allows current users to continue to rely on the LogHound plugins they love and get support when they need it. And new RapidWeaver users can enjoy them in the future.

Over the coming weeks we'll be working on the essentials: bringing our support staff up to speed, moving over the downloads, and setting up FAQs. Our hope is to make this a seamless and smooth transition.

Updates will come soon after. A little bird told us that RapidWeaver 7 is not far off and we want to make sure every plugin is ready to go.

Looking further off into the future, expect the LogHound plugins to become first class citizens of the YourHead plugin suite with regular updates, UI improvements, and new features.

Lastly, on a personal note, I want to say thanks to John for building this awesome set of tools and for entrusting his work to me. It's been a joy working along side him for the past ten years and I wish him all the luck in all his future endeavors.