Beta Testing Time

tl;dr: New beta plugins. Free updates. Download links and chat on our Slack Channel.

If you've been paying attention on the RapidWeaver Forum you know that the folks in Brighton are hard at work on the next version of our favorite website editor. We've been hard at work here too, getting our plugins ready for it. So it's time to do some beta testing!

We’re going to be rolling out beta versions of ALL OF OUR PLUGINS. To get things rolling we’re releasing the simple ones first -- then moving on to the big stuff:

  • Accordion and Flow (today)
  • Collage and Blocks (tomorrow)
  • Stacks (soon)

We’re also rolling a large UI refresh:

  • Modernized UI chrome
  • Move options to the RapidWeaver sidebar
  • All 64-bit in the latest OS X sdk.

In order to move forward we've had to drop some legacy support. We're dropping all the 32-bit code, which means that these versions will require RapidWeaver 6+ and OS X 10.9.

Of course we’ll still support folks who need to use older versions of RapidWeaver too. Our Plugin Archive has versions of all our plugins that you can use no matter what version of RapidWeaver you’re using.

We did all our beta testing for Stacks on our Slack Channel. It worked out really well, so we're doing the same thing again. Jump over to the YourHead Slack Channel and grab some new plugins.