Carousel is now Flow


Today our we're changing the name of our popular image animating plugin from Carousel to Flow. Don't worry though, only the name has changed. The plugin and all of its features are exactly the same.

Bug fixes

We've also rolled a few fixes into this update as well.
This update fixes a Mac OS X 10.7 bug and two small memory leaks.


The next time you use the Carousel plugin it will be replaced by Flow. Only the name has changed, so it will continue to work with your existing Carousel pages.

Manual Update

If you download and install this update manually then make sure to remove the old Carousel plugin before installing Flow. Since they have different names, one will not overwrite the other in the Finder.


No. Please don't do install both. There's no harm in it, but it would be very confusing.

Internally RapidWeaver knows that Flow and Carousel are the same plugin. It will only load one of the two.


It's a long story and involves trademarks. Please don't ask more, that's all we can say.

Flow for RapidWeaver 6: Download

Flow for RapidWeaver 5: Download


  1. Download the plugin zip file.
  2. Double click the zip file to uncompress it.
  3. Double click the plugin file to install it.

Requires: RapidWeaver 5 or RapidWeaver 6 and Mac OS X 10.7