Dropbox, Plugins, and Updates

Some people like to use Dropbox to keep their RapidWeaver addons folder synced. There's even a cool utility for doing that. That's all fine, people have been doing that for years. But recently I've noticed a few recent large updates have made Dropbox's job difficult.

Those who do this level of customization probably already know that if things go awry that simply downloading a new copy, but a bit more info about it probably doesn't hurt.

The symptom

After an update you see errors about missing plugins or find some stacks not behaving as expected. Perhaps missing icons in the library.

The cause

The most likely cause is a large update has not finished syncing between machines before RapidWeaver is launched. This will make the addon seem missing to RapidWeaver until the sync completes AND RapidWeaver is relaunched.

There are a number of other possible sources of error: updating both ends simultaneously, updating one while syncing the other, updating things while RapidWeaver is running, etc.

The solution

  1. Make sure Dropbox has finished syncing on all machines.
  2. Make sure RapidWeaver isn't running on any of them.
  3. Wait until its all done.
  4. Launch RapidWeaver.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, quit RapidWeaver, download a fresh copy of the addon from the developer and install as usual. You can download Stacks from http://yourhead.com/stacks.

If you still notice problems, let us know: http://yourhead.com/support