5 New Powerful Shortcuts for RapidWeaver 6

RapidWeaver 6 just launched, and it comes with some great new features like the Addons Manager and a streamlined UI that looks great in Mac OS X Yosemite. But like any mature product, a lot of the best new features are details added for power users. Here's a list of my favorites.

Show Source List ⌘-Option-L

If you're working on a smaller screen it's important to use every pixel for the content you're editing right now, and hide everything else. New in RapidWeaver 6 you can hide the source list (the left side-bar) when you don't need it. Choose Hide Source List from the View menu or type ⌘-Option-L to toggle it open and closed.

Bonus tip: *⌘-Shift-I hides the inspector (the right side-bar), as it always has. Then go full-screen with ⌘-Control-F and you've got maximum content!*

Reveal Addons Folder ⌘-Option-7

Thanks to Mac App Store sandbox rules the RapidWeaver 6 addons folder is now buried deep in the filesystem. You can dig through all those folders, but there's a better way. Hold down the Option key while opening the View menu. Manage Addons changes to Reveal Addons Folder. Even better use ⌘-Option-7 to open the addons folder quickly.

Refresh Preview ⌘-Shift-R

When working on a complex page, I often need to refresh RapidWeaver preview. You could, of course click Edit and then click Preview. Or you could even ⌘-R twice toggle Preview on and off. But there is a quicker, better way: ⌘-Shift-R will refresh the preview in place.
This isn't new to RapidWeaver 6, but the option is no longer visible in the menu unless you're holding down the Shift key.

Preview Page Shortcut ⌘-P

When nothing but a real browser will do, you can preview your page in Safari. Longtime users know this was hiding at the bottom of the gear-menu in RapidWeaver 5. New in RapidWeaver 6, Preview in Browser has been promoted to the RapidWeaver menu. Even better it has a shortcut: ⌘-P.

Open Publish Site *⌘-Opt-Shift-O

New in RapidWeaver 6 you can jump straight to your published site. Perfect for when you want to look at your published site and your RapidWeaver project side by side. It's a four-finger combo, be careful not to get your fingers tangled.