LogHound Plugin Status Update

It's been about three weeks since we took over the LogHound plugins. We've been very busy behind the scenes importing things, building new projects in Xcode, and releasing beta versions.

Too Easy

The good news is that LogHound plugins were well written so coming up to speed on the code, even to diagnose a potential crasher in the new versions of RapidWeaver, has been a piece of cake. Hat tip to LogHound for making my job easy.

So Much to Do

Even the short term goal of getting things back on sale in the YourHead plugin store and ensuring things are available for download has been a lot of work. So much so that we decided to create an interim place to download the plugins while the dust settles. So, for the time being you can find our work-in-progress on GitHub:

You can download the stable release or live on the edge and grab a copy of our beta release. Each plugin also a wiki full of FAQ info and a complete archive of past versions, plus a place to report bugs if you find them.


Much of the work of code needed to get things moved over to YourHead is now complete, so final releases of a few of the plugins should start rolling out very soon. Look for those, as well as some new pages our our website, later this week.