No Way. Me too!!!

Our good friends at LogHound have decided to call it a day and retire from the RapidWeaver plugin scene. John and I started writing RapidWeaver plugins at nearly the same time in 2005/2006. John was always great to work with and fun to meet in person at those early WWDCs and MacWorlds years ago. In 2006 my coding chops were very green -- definitely of the hobbiest variety -- and John often helped me out of technical jams that I surely would never have solved alone. I can't thank him enough for that help.

There's a great story about John and I meeting and since he's heading off for greener pastures, I thought I should share it this one last time.

When I first started writing RapidWeaver plugins it was as a hobby. At the time I was working as a chip designer for a wireless chip manufacturing company (RF Micro Devices) designing cellular tranceivers. When I finally got to meet John (LogHound) in person at MacWorld, it was an odd sort of realization, it went something like this:

Me: "So what do you do?"

John: "I work with microchips."

Me: "No way. Me too. What sort."

John: "Wireless."

Me: "No way. Me too. What sort."

John: "Cellular."

Me: "No way…

Me: You have kids?"

John: "Yeah, two boys?

Me: No way, Me too. How old?"

Long story short, we both worked in the same industry, both were recent fathers, both had two kids, of the same age, both boys, redheads, etc. etc. The similarities were uncanny.

I'm going to miss having John around in the RapidWeaver community. I hope he stops by every now and again to drop some of dat mad swizzling skillz he's famous for.