PlusKit 4.0.1

Today we’re releasing a small bug-fix update for PlusKit. This update helps with a few crashes in some use-cases that were overlooked in the big 4.0 release, improves memory use in a number of areas, and adds a bit of UI for controlling Google form integration.

Built for RapidWeaver 7

RapidWeaver 7 comes with a ton of new features to improve performance: threaded export, lazy file opening, and threaded saving -- just to name a few. We've rewritten the export engine inside of PlusKit to smoothly work with these features and allow robust operation even with challenging setups.

  • Note: If you're still using an earlier version of RapidWeaver just still with PlusKit 3.

PlusKit: Download

How to Install

  1. Double-Click the file to unzip it.
  2. Double-Click the plugin to install it.
  3. Quit and then restart RapidWeaver.
  4. Enjoy!

System Requirements

Stacks for RapidWeaver 7+: Mac OS X 10.11+