Stacks 2.6.7

After every big launch, there's always a couple bugs that pop up. This update to Stacks that were found after launching Stacks Cloud and after the final Yosemite release.

Stacks Cloud Issue

A few users were seeing php errors after publishing Stacks Cloud content. This bug corrects those errors. If you were experiencing this, just publish your site after this update. Let our support staff know if you need help

A Strange WebKit CSS Bug

This is an interesting bug, so I thought I'd explain it a bit. Yosemite has trouble displaying a very specific bit of CSS. The requirements:

  • a 2px wide border
  • dotted or dashed
  • rounded corners either 1px or 2px radius
  • a percentage width that calculates to a non-integral pixel width

Here's an example. If you're using Safari on Yosemite the right edge of the square will be only 1px wide. Any other browser or OS will show the correct border.

With Yosemite out of beta we decided that we would add a workaround for this bug. So borders now have a radius of 3px. I bet you won't even notice.

Download: Stacks

Download the plugin zip file.
Double click the zip file to uncompress it.
Double click the plugin file to install it.
Requires: RapidWeaver 5 and Mac OS X 10.7