Stacks 2.6.3

This update to Stacks adds support for upcoming changes coming to RapidWeaver, GateKeeper, and Mac App Store sandbox rules. It also fixes a number of small bugs.

  • Latest Sparkle updater
  • Plays nice with GateKeeper and the Mac App Store sandbox rules.
  • █████████████ ready (we've already said too much!)
  • For the Stacks API: the version number is now 6 to reflect the changes in Stacks 2.6.x.

This release will be available via auto-update the next time your use Stacks, or you can download it here. If you've been testing the recent Stacks beta releases, this version should be functionally identical to Stacks 2.6.3 beta 8.

Download: Stacks

Download the plugin zip file.
Double click the zip file to uncompress it.
Double click the plugin file to install it.
Requires: RapidWeaver 5 and Mac OS X 10.7