Stacks 3.2.5

RapidWeaver 7.1 introduced faster document opening, faster saving, and faster exporting. These features complicating some corner cases, including using Stacks with PlusKit. We've fixed a ton of crashes and bugs in these spots.
Most of these fixes will probably go unnnoticed -- but we love to see all of the great ways people are putting Stacks to good use. Updates like these helpt to ensure that Stacks is even more robust and stable -- no matter how you use it.

Other Improvements

  • Stacks will remember the location, size, and other prefs of the Stacks Library more reliably.
  • Speed improvements previewing complex pages
  • Improved speed publishing the same images to many pages
  • Soooo many PlusKit fixes.

Stacks 3.2.5:

How to Install

  1. Double-Click the file to unzip it.
  2. Double-Click the plugin to install it.
  3. Quit and then restart RapidWeaver.
  4. Enjoy!

System Requirements

Stacks for RapidWeaver 6+: Mac OS X 10.9+