Stacks 3 - Powerful, Responsive, Fast

Stacks 3 - Powerful, Responsive, Fast, Customizable, and now has over 800 Stacks available.

Come give it a try:

There are so many new features to Stacks 3, it's hard to list them all, but I thought it would make a great blog post to try. So here goes…

  • Partials: A new way to build your pages from modular, editable, reusable components that you build yourself. You should watch the video here:

  • Super Fast, Super Customizable Library: A brand new library redesigned from the ground up to be blazing fast with configuration options to help you adjust your workflow just the way you like.

  • New Sidebar Interface: Both the Stacks Library and the Info Pane can be used as Windows, Popovers, or Sidebars. Plus hide/show them quickly with simple keyboard shortcuts. Now Stacks works great on all screen sizes!

  • New Responsive Content: The built in column stacks are now responsive and support stacked layout options, per-platform hiding. All images now support responsive resizing and automatically export retina resolutions when the source image is large enough.

  • Much wow! Such Awesome! OMG LOL! Yes, Stacks now supports animated GIF format. No matter if you say GIF the right way or the wrong way, it's pretty awesome.

  • A brand new update interface which makes it much easier to see all the updates available and get the all downloaded and installed quickly.

And so many other small and not-so-small features:

  • Retina graphics/icons/exporting support everywhere.
  • More details shown in the library for each stack.
  • Custom library groups allow you to build your own groups.
  • Favorites lets you mark stacks that you use most often.
  • Arrange your library with tags, authors, or by title.
  • Change sorting options of your library.
  • Change icon sizes, and resize the library to display in columns.

And for the developers:

  • An amazing new API with new API documentation ( ).
  • Inline-Stacks, Child-Stacks, Add-Types, and more to help build complex groups of interworking stacks.
  • Buttons with graphical icons that automatically pull icons directly from Font Awesome.
  • New much more compact Details button for cleaner UI.
  • New multi-line text input for longer blocks of text.
  • New control-arrays to compact up to four related controls into a single row.
  • Floating point math calculations.
  • More meta-info like author, tags, etc for library searches
  • All new developer console.
  • Automatic devstack updating.
  • New template scopes
  • The latest jQuery and Font Awesome libraries included
  • Font Awesome automatically included in Edit mode.

Wow, that was a lot. And I'm betting I missed a ton too. The best way to see them, is to download the free trial and see for yourself how awesome it is.