Stacks Cloud Shutting Down

Today we have sad news, we’re going to shut down Stacks Cloud at the end of the year.

We really loved Stacks Cloud. We loved building it. We loved what it added to Stacks. And to the few loyal Stack Cloud customers: Thanks! You guys are the best!

Why shut down?

The simple answer: not enough demand. The complex answer has a few more twists: FaceBook bought Parse and will be shutting it down soon. Stacks Cloud uses Parse as its back-end server. The cost of moving away from Parse and running our servers would be significant. There isn’t quite enough demand for Stacks Cloud to justify that work.

Where to go from here?

Since we launching Stacks Cloud a lot of other great solutions of online content have come out. Jump over to the RapidWeaver Community and just browse around: There are now several great CMS solutions (Easy CMS, Dropkick, Pulse, just to name a few); and a number of blogging solutions: We’re big fans of Armadillo.

Details, details

Stacks Cloud will continue to operate as-is through the end of the year. We’ve also sent out an email to existing customers that includes more specific details. If you don’t receive it, or you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.