The Stacks 5 App FAQ

Answers to questions about the upcoming Stacks 5 app.

The Stacks 5 App

Will all of my 3rd party stacks open in the Stacks 5 app?

Yes. Every one.
Stacks 5 has the same Stacks engine at its core that you've been using for years. Stacks 5 will have full support for every 3rd party stack and even custom stacks you've created using our Stacks API.

Will my partials work in Stacks 5?

Yes. Perfectly.
For the same reason 3rd party stacks will work seamlessly in the Stacks 5 app, your partials, externals, and any other custom content you've created will also work seamlessly in the Stacks 5 app.

Will I be able to import my project file into Stacks 5?

Yes, we will import existing projects into the Stacks 5 app. However given that Stacks 5 is an all new app, there are likely to be a few differences. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

What should I do now to prepare?

Nothing. Just keep using RapidWeaver 8 and Stacks 4. They work great, even on the M1 processor and the very latest Mac OS Monterey. But watch your email for news about the Stacks 5 app, coming soon.

Will Stacks 5 come to RapidWeaver?

At this time we have no plans for a plugin version. We know only a few details about the new RapidWeaver version and if circumstances change, we will reevaluate. However, Stacks 5 is being built with the needs of every user in mind.

Will my 3rd party stacks keep working in RapidWeaver?

I don't know. Many 3rd party stack developers have indicated that they intend to work exclusively in Stacks 5. Some have said, like us, they will no longer make products for RapidWeaver. However every stack will always work with the Stacks 5 app.

What if I have other questions

I will be blogging occasionally about the Stacks 5 app and answering more questions whenever I can, so please keep make sure to bookmark the Stacks Blog or follow YourHead Support on twitter or contact us directly.

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Jamie Larson